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baby bistro at bucatini

baby bistro at bucatini

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alright were gonna sneak in a 22 person, 5 course + dessert dinner at Bucatini this friday night at 7:30 and would be just plain thrilled if you could join us. the meat and potatoes remain the same: you come, you share the entire menu with a friend, or several friends really, its your world, you drink too much wine to the point that you start telling yourself it was actually just the right amount, and all the while we deliver you pretty plates conceived thoughtfully in a charming, well-decorated, candlelit space (courtesy of the bucatini gals, of course). the ticket price includes dinner, overflowing wine, and service. thank you again for spending your hard earned dollars on our nomadic venture, we promise to throw you a nice lil dinner party in return

please note that this is not vegetarian friendly as there will be meat and fish on the menu—modifications will be politely declined

feel free to reach out to should you have any questions. tickets are non-refundable
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